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Robert Jackson


I have updated the Strange Orchard website. You can now find an assortment of my personal work. Have a look and let me know what you think? Enjoy -


I have updated the Strange Orchard website. You can now find an assortment of my personal work. Have a look and let me know what you think? Enjoy -

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'Road Work' by Mark Lanning is an elusive road trip exploring a range of states in America. What I find compelling about this project is the outsider perspective from Mark, he really captures a sense of impulse whilst remaining distant, giving you one perspective to observe from. He doesn't over explore, he gives you a very considered composition, then moves onto the next part of the journey. In reality it's very much a road trip of Mark, his camera, and what he reacts to along the way. 

Find more of Mark’s work here -

For those of you who have missed it me and a friend have stepped into the world of publishing. Come join our new project and see what’s happening. 

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I received this great submission by Pierre-Lin Renié. He has a vast collection of work and during our conversation he made some very interesting views on photography. I have posted an extract of text where he talks about his work. 

Taking photographs exclusively in public places, I reflect upon the cultural heritage of 175 years of history of photography, by appropriating and updating classical genres or themes of the medium (street photography, architecture, views, found objects, art or pictures reproductions, store windows…) as well as some of the most ordinary subjects of amateur photography (animals, flowers, sunsets, clouds…). Doing so, I have a vast collection of pictures with the most eclectic subjects, with no hierarchy between them. All this forms the material which I organize into conceptual structures, often based upon temporality.”

To me Pierre-Lin’s work is extremely interesting especially in regards to approach, where we see modern practitioners perhaps limit their subject matter, Pierre-Lin tackles the history of photography, and keeps a very broad collection of work which actually shares very intimate images which are structured around a specific time and space.

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'Photo-Sculptures' by Doug Prince 

Doug Prince explores photography’s ever existing relationship of fact and fiction, and engages in this tradition by producing images that pose questions, whilst reminding us that these photographs are crafted. The photographs are in-fact three dimensional sculptures using a number of negatives, which whilst these scenes remain quite regular scenes there is a definite element of atmosphere and performance as we remain the observers of the carefully structured images which play with our senses.

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Please have a look at this great charity run project submitted to me by Raul Guerrero, ‘The Disposable Project’. 
"The Disposable Project is a volunteer-run charitable endeavors photo project based on the images produced by 9 children with100 disposable cameras in Tanzania, in hopes of promoting the arts, education, and sustainability.
From May 11th to July 20th of 2011, Raul Guerrero embarked on a communal photography project with the Newlands area of Moshi, Tanzania. Collaborating with Born to Learn, a program that gives disadvantaged youth the opportunity to receive an education, he provided 100 disposable cameras to Alex Charles, Jenifer Wilson, John Leo, Kamili Kalist, Peter Michael, Petro Ngowi, Samson Modest, Sebastian Simon, and Stanley Felix. Teaching the students basic photography skills, Raul developed creative methods for them to share their stories by documenting their everyday experiences. Working as a collective, these nine students bring the faces of their community to you.”
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Clark and Pougnaud - Lost in Meditation

This series of pictures represent a certain idea of happiness, yet suggesting the long drama which constitutes a human life. We are bonded to artists of the past, who used interiors as a shelter from the growth of urbanism, the chaos of urban life. 10 years ago, we paid a tribute to Edward Hopper, today it’s a very personal interpretation of Hammershoi’s paintings. The figures are showned in a meditating state, confined in their intimacy, fundamentally alone with one self. When leaning against the work of painters we admire, we are trying to reveal our own vision of life. Mixing photography and painting adding the use of digital tools sparingly to keep a human and sensitive touch, is our way to express refined ideals from an imaginary past.

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Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison - Gray Dawn 

This surrealist based work by couple Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison appears exciting and ambiguous upon first view, but deals with the interesting concept of humans relationship with technology and nature, and the problems that science and technology pose. To me the work highlights the very obsessive and inquisitive nature of humans, and the possible snowball effect in pursuit of finding answers.  

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Here is an insightful submission by Ettore Moni, keeping us up to date with his new project. This landscape work explores the relationship between man and nature, in the form of structures.

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A selection of work by Camille Hervouet

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Great book by Pierre Bessard exploring the industrial growth of China and it’s important growing infrastructure.  

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